Irving Child ADHD Treatments

Are you looking for an Irving child ADHD doctor that can work to diagnose and treat your child for this disruptive ailment? We invite you to consult with the team at Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas and see what we have to offer in regard to Irving ADHD treatments.

Both ADD and ADHD prompt impulsivity and make it difficult for children to focus. This can have a dramatic impact on many areas of a child’s life, making it important to team up with an ADHD and ADD specialist in Irving TX to manage symptoms.

Here at Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas, we specialize in treating ADHD, ADD and a whole host of other behavioral issues. Instead of allowing these disorders to interfere with your child’s learning and their life at home, we can provide focused treatment from a child ADHD doctor in Irving TX.


Addressing all health concerns and development problems

ADHD treatments in Irving TX are just part of what we offer our patients here at Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas. By providing comprehensive care and forging strong relationships with each of our patient families, we are able to walk with your child as they grow and develop, helping them to address any issues they might face along the way.

As a long-time Irving ADD specialist, we know that this is a relatively common disorder that can easily be remedied. By working with an Irving child ADHD doctor, you can learn more about the disorder, explore options for treatment and continually monitor your child’s progress to ensure they are making strides in the right direction.


Talk to our team about Irving ADHD treatments

Whether you have concerns about ADHD or are looking for a pediatrician to provide care for your child from the very beginning of his or her life, the Irving child ADHD doctor staff at Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas are standing by to help.


*NOTE:  ADD is no longer part of the official language for ADHD, but may be used as a subtype of ADHD among both clients and treatment providers