Las Colinas Well Child Visits

How often should you be going to the doctor for your Las Colinas well child visits? At Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas, we help parents understand the traditional plan and schedule for well child exams in Las Colinas TX.

Starting from the first week of life, our qualified team of medical doctors and pediatric nurse practitioners are here to help your child thrive. A Las Colinas child wellness checkup can provide you with valuable education and resources to promote the health of your entire family. When you are ready to obtain a blueprint for your well child visits in Las Colinas TX, it is time to contact Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas.

What to expect from your Las Colinas well child visits

What, exactly, is included in well child exams in Las Colinas TX? Many first-time parents are not entirely sure about the purpose of Las Colinas well child exams. First, parents should know that checkups are far more frequent during a child’s first and second year of life.

Newborns and infants receive checkups every one to three months, while toddlers are examined about every six months. After age three, your child only needs an annual child wellness checkup in Las Colinas TX. The tasks that are completed during these visits can include:

  • Measurement for developmental milestones
  • Evaluation of reflexes
  • Analysis of body functions such as urinating and defecating
  • Consultation about sleeping, especially with younger children
  • Immunizations
  • Behavioral analyses
  • And more

Ultimately, these Las Colinas well child visits are designed to identify and monitor any unusual results when it comes to your child’s development. Studies show that children who have the same physician for the first six months of their life tend to get the attentive care they need to thrive into adulthood. Contact our team today to get started with your regular well-child checkups.