Office hours are by appointment, Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm and Saturday morning. Evening hours are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for urgent sick visits.
We are available for emergency sick child calls 24 hours a day. If there is a life-threatening emergency, go to the Emergency Room.
Please schedule check-up appointments several weeks in advance. We will usually see acutely ill children on the day you call, or as soon thereafter as possible. Please call early in the day, as soon as you know your child is sick, to get an appointment.
When you call for an appointment, first tell the receptionist if this is a sick or a check-up appointment. If sick, tell her the nature of the illness. If a check-up, tell her the reason for the appointment (school problems, annual physical, hyperactivity, overweight, immunizations, behavioral problems, etc.) We require a check-up prior to immunizations.

Appointments for sick child care and check-up appointments must be scheduled separately. This is the only way can adequately care for your child.
Please share your problems and questions with our nurses. They are specially-trained pediatric nurses and can answer most of your questions and give approved advice. However, if there are problems that exceed their authorized limits, they will consult one of us and contact you as soon as possible.
Please try to limit after-hours and weekend calls to those which you feel are absolutely necessary and cannot wait until regular office hours. If your after-hours call is truly an emergency (i.e. IMMEDIATE contact with the physician-on-call), please state this when you call the answering service. All other necessary calls will be returned at reasonable intervals.