Convulsions (Fits, Seizures)

Convulsions are involuntary muscle spasms often combined with periods of unconsciousness and confusion. Symptoms include: a child who has a blue face and lips, uncontrolled jerking body movements or rigidity, loss of bowel and bladder control, and unconsciousness. Most seizures result from fevers, especially in children under the age of three. Fever related seizures usually last no longer than five minutes and have no lasting effects on the child. A fever related seizure results from a fever increasing rapidly in 20-30 minutes, not from a "high" fever.

If your child has a seizure, remove nearby objects on which he may injure himself. Make sure his airway is open by turning him on his side to prevent choking on vomit or saliva. Do not place objects or food substances in his mouth. If this is your child's first seizure, call 911 to summon a rescue squad to help transport your child to the hospital. Do not use a private automobile to rush your child at high speeds to the hospital setting, as this is quite hazardous to the health of your child and yourself.