Euless Child ADHD Treatments

How do you know that your child needs the help of a Euless child ADHD doctor? Many families arrive at our practice frustrated and confused, unaware that Euless ADHD treatments could be the answer for their child.

At Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas, we know that you need to find the right fit in an ADD specialist in Euless TX — that is why we work to treat every aspect of your child, not just his or her behavioral conditions. With the help of a child ADHD doctor in Euless TX, there is hope for relief and success for your youngster. Let us help you start down the path to effective ADHD treatments in Euless TX.

Working with a Euless child ADHD doctor

So, what exactly are ADD and ADHD? These attention-deficit disorders, which affect between 3 and 5 percent of the population, cause unpleasant symptoms such as impulsivity, inattention and excess energy or hyperactivity.

Families who seek out Euless ADHD treatments generally do so because their child is experiencing difficulty in school, with friends, or at home because of these symptoms. Kids with ADD and ADHD often have a hard time with:

  • Paying attention during class
  • Managing stress
  • Completing complex movements or series of calculations
  • Relating to their parents and peers
  • Managing aggressive behaviors
  • And a variety of other symptoms

You need to know that your Euless ADD specialist is dedicated to helping your child succeed in all aspects of life. Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas is not a specialized practice that only prescribes medication — we also offer extensive patient education and referrals for behavioral therapy to create a wrap-around treatment plan for your child.

We are dedicated to actually spending time with your family to develop a plan for managing this condition. When you want a Euless child ADHD doctor who will truly listen to your concerns, it is time to contact Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas.


*NOTE:  ADD is no longer part of the official language for ADHD, but may be used as a subtype of ADHD among both clients and treatment providers