Flower Mound Child ADHD Treatments

When your family is feeling the impact of having a child with attention-deficit concerns, it may be time to seek out a Flower Mound child ADHD doctor.

At Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas, our board-certified physicians offer a variety of options for your Flower Mound ADHD treatments. Early identification of this condition can help you limit the overall effect that your child’s behavior has on your family, leading to a more peaceful and successful future for everyone.

An ADD specialist in Flower Mound TX can provide you with the resources and education you need to set your child up for the best possible medical outcome. Let one of our board-certified pediatricians serve as your child ADHD doctor in Flower Mound TX and see the difference that a proper approach can make.

How a Flower Mound child ADHD doctor can help your family

When it comes to Flower Mound ADHD treatments, medicating and counseling the child with ADHD is only one facet of the program. In fact, family members are often deeply affected because of a child with attention-deficit concerns, making the need for ADHD treatments in Flower Mound TX more urgent.

Research shows, for instance, that both older and younger siblings of an ADHD-affected child can build resentments and behavioral problems themselves, largely because they are expected to care for their impulsive brother or sister. Feelings of sorrow and loss frequently occur among siblings of children with an ADHD diagnosis, for example.

At Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas, your Flower Mound ADD specialist can help the entire family heal from the impacts of ADD and ADHD.

A Flower Mound child ADHD doctor from our practice will approach your treatment plan considering all aspects of the family’s health. From patient education to medication interventions and behavioral therapy, our team understands the importance of a wrap-around approach for your children. We offer convenient evening and weekend hours for ADHD diagnostic and maintenance appointments.


*NOTE:  ADD is no longer part of the official language for ADHD, but may be used as a subtype of ADHD among both clients and treatment providers