Head Injury

Head injuries are very common in children. Most are not serious. However, if your child does have a blow to the head, there are some things for which you should observe.
Complications of head injuries include: concussion, skull fracture, loss of consciousness, headaches and internal bleeding.

Symptoms of a complicated head injury include: 1) persistent nausea or vomiting, 2) new drainage of clear or bloody fluid from the nose or ears, 3) persistent headache or dizziness, 4) seizure, 5) labored breathing, 6) difference in pupil size or pupils that do not get smaller when a bright light is shined in them, 7) excessive sleepiness or a change in behavior.

Initially after a head injury, if there was no loss of consciousness or seizure, observe your child for 48 hours for any of the above signs. Initially give only clear liquids for the first few hours, because vomiting may occur after a head injury. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen may be given for pain (See Fever protocol for dosing information). If there is a cut on the scalp, cleanse it gently. Notify the office if a wound doesn't stop bleeding after 10- 15 minutes of pressure, if you think the wound needs sutures, or if your child has any of the previously mentioned signs.