Las Colinas Child ADHD Treatments

When you are looking for a Las Colinas child ADHD doctor, you need a professional you can trust to make a thorough treatment plan for your child.

You have many options in providers of Las Colinas ADHD treatments, but not every physician is created equally. At Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas, we offer access to an ADD specialist in Las Colinas TX while taking the time to really get to know your family.

Treating ADD and ADHD involves far more steps than simply prescribing medication. Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas knows that your youngster deserves a thoughtful, caring child ADHD doctor in Las Colinas TX, and we are pleased to serve as your trusted resource for all behavioral health matters.

What do you value in a Las Colinas child ADHD doctor?

When it comes to finding a provider of Las Colinas ADHD treatments, you want a physician who considers all aspects of your child’s health. Instead of jumping to conclusions and issuing a diagnosis without evidence, our specialists in ADHD treatments in Las Colinas TX complete a thorough evaluation of your child. A Las Colinas ADD specialist can evaluate your child in such a manner.

  • Determining whether your child meets medical criteria for ADD or ADHD
  • Conversations about day-to-day life to confirm the diagnostic hypothesis
  • Developing a treatment plan that addresses your child’s needs for medication and behavioral therapy
  • Opportunities to ask and answer questions about your child
  • And, adequate information for everyone involved

Clinical Pediatric Associates of North Texas takes your concerns seriously, helping you understand potential side effects and long-term issues that could arise with ADHD treatment. We are dedicated to providing your family with the options you need for optimal health, working within your values system to offer high-quality medical care. When you need the assistance of a qualified Las Colinas child ADHD doctor, it is time to connect with our practice.


*NOTE:  ADD is no longer part of the official language for ADHD, but may be used as a subtype of ADHD among both clients and treatment providers