Wheezing is a whistling type sound that comes from narrowing or obstruction of the airways of the lungs. There are many causes of wheezing. If your child is having great difficulty breathing and is straining and pulling to get air in and out, please call us immediately or go directly to the emergency room.

What we need to know:

  • Has the child had any history of wheezing or asthma?
  • Does anyone else in the family have asthma or lung problems?
  • Is he having difficulty breathing (straining or pulling to get air in and out)?
  • Does he have a cold`?

Call us immediately if:

  • He has a high fever accompanying his wheezing.
  • He is straining and pulling to get air in and out.
  • He has swallowed any coins or other objects just prior to wheezing.

Call us promptly during regular office hours if:

  • The wheezing has lasted longer than 8 hours, even if there is no difficulty breathing.
  • The fever is higher than 101° for more than 24 hours.